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Split Chick - Mandy Moore
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Date:10/16/2008 03:03 pm
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  Mandy Moore - Split Chick - 2001

I can run as fast as the boys
I can sing and dance ballet
I can show all of my toys
Though I'd rather be alone today
It's not that I don't like to hang around with you
And though you're fun, I'm on the run, so much to do
Gotta make the dreams I have come true
Cause life is what you make it
and to wasting yours just won't do

Split Chick
Gotta split, can't stay
That's the way I'm a Split Chick
Thanks a lot
Had fun, see you babe
I'm split in two, I'm a Split Chick

I can hold my breath forever
I can pledge allegiance in reverse
You know kids can be so clever
It can be a blessing or a curse
'Cause when I'm with you, I get lost in ur eyes
I forget about the time and then I realize
I gotta run along
And sing my song!
I'll kiss you and miss you and be back before too long


Every flower has to find a way to reach up to the sun
Even though the cracks in the sidewalk
Gotta make the most of everyday
Making friends will help me on the way
I'll rise above the fear I feel
I'm gonna take these dreams and make 'em real


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