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Shame - Monrose
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Date:10/09/2008 12:45 am
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  Monrose - Shame - 2006

Our final conversation
It lies heavy on my mind
And although we couldn't say it
I think we know we can't go back this time
Though love and desperation
Is the writing on the wall
And will all the lights stop flashing
Or is this the final curtain call

It's such a shame, it's such a shame (Ahhh)
Don't walk away, don't walk away (Ahhh)
All this time I thought I knew myself
But once again, I bury my hand in shame
Nothing last forever
A flower always dies
I never fell the beauty
Why can't I see through other people's eyes?


I've paid the price for all my sins
And when love ends new life begins
My independence always nails me to the floor
And it leaves me wanting more, leaves me wanting more
I got everything a girl could ever need
So why do I still feel like my life's so incomplete
You made me beautiful, brought me to my knees

So please donít go donít take the missing piece

2x Chorus

In Shame,Shame,Shame

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