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Ring My Bell - bonus - Madonna
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Date:09/02/2008 06:59 pm
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  Madonna - Ring My Bell - 2008 - bonus track

If you want to talk to me
That's exactly what you're going to have to do
Talk to me

When we first met you had a lot to give
I said if I was in your shoes I could not lose
But now baby I just don't know
I'm so confused, all this abuse is strange
'Cause you don't act like my friend
And I can't pretend, I don't want this to end

Bridge (first time without rap vocal):

My daddy said [what]
My momma said [huh]
My sisters say [what'd they say]
My life says


Lose your attitude [ring my bell]
Say you're sorry [ring my bell]
Got something for me [ring my bell]
Then you can [ring my bell]
Show some gratitude [ring my bell]
Something nice to say [ring my bell]
You appreciate [ring my bell]
Then you can [ring my bell]

You, you really have some nerve [get it]
Playing stupid games, calling me names
And now you want to eat those words
Once you attack you can't take it back, it's strange
I guess off your high horse you're falling
You're calling and calling, I don't understand at all [come on]


Ring my, ring my bell [you can't]
Ring my, ring my bell [you can't]
Ring my, ring my bell [my bell]
Ring my bell

When you look in the mirror don't know what you see
Life's not the same until you're in pain
I know it's just no good to hate
I don't want to say it might be too late for you
I'm not answering your phone call
Babe if you want more, you come to my front door


Ring my, ring my bell [you can't]
Ring my, ring my bell [you can't]
Ring my, ring my bell [my bell]
Ring my bell

Ring my bell
(repeat 7 times)

written by Madonna

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