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I just wanna live - Good Charlotte
Add by:eve
Date:10/18/2008 12:55 pm
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  Good Charlotte - I Just Wanna Live

I need an alarm system in my house
so I know when poeple are
creepin about
these people are
freakin me out (these days)

it's gettin hectic anywhere that I go
they won't leave me alone
there's things they all want to know
I'm paranoid off all the people I meet
why are they talking to me?
and why can't anyone see?

I just wanna live
don't really care about the things that they say
don't really care about what happens to me
I just wanna live
chorus end

(just wanna live,just wanna live, just wanna live,
just wanna live, just wanna live, just wanna live)

I rock a law suit
when I'm going to court a white suit
when I'm getting divorced a black suit
at the funeral home
and my birthday suit
when I'm home alone
talking on the phone
got an interview with the rolling stone
they're saying "Now you're rich, now you're famous"
fake ass girls all know your name and
Lifestyles of the rich and the famous
your first hit aren't you ashamed
of the life, of the life, of the life we're living


stop your messing around, boy
better think of your future
better make some good plans boy
said every one of our teachers
look out, you better play it safe
never know what hard times will come your way
we say, where we're comin from
we've already seen the worst that this life can bring
now we expect it everywhere that we go
all the things that they say
yeah we already know

[chorus] 2x

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